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The ARAMBinaryOptions Group is part of Absolute Return Asset Management (ARAM), and it is exclusively committed to working on account management and binary options trading. ARAM Asset Management Ltd is a management and investment research boutique which caters to the needs of institutions, investment providers and financial advisors. The company was founded in 2005 at Seoul, South Korea under Dr. Sun Wan Sohn who noticed an opportunity to enhance and adapt the investment stratagems formed by Dr. Andrew W. Lo, the author of the AMH (Adaptive Markets Hypothesis, a framework for comprehending financial market dynamics that brings behavioral finance anomalies together with the Efficient Markets Theory). Because AMH is the center of ARAM’s investment programs and primary investment philosophy, their investment fund has been yielding a high growth rate ever since.

When the American Stock Exchange started to provide binary options for public trading towards the end of 2008, Dr. Sohn discovered an opportunity to utilize the AMH to optimize the firm’s returns while founding, a subsidiary. While this was happening, ARAMBinaryOptions established itself as an indisputable market leader when it comes to account management services and binary options signals, and continues to do so until today. The company’s main office is in Seoul, Korea, and they maintain various customer support centers in countries like New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. ARAMBinaryOptions is managed by a team of traders which has garnered 150 years of experience in the field of Finance. The goal of the team is to assist clients in optimizing their profits by offering them accurate binary signals. Aside from distributing trading signals, ARAMBinaryOptions sets itself apart from the competition by offering account management services.

Real-time Trading Signals via Skype

First-time investors who are struggling to be successful in trading now have ARAMBinaryOptions signals to help them earn more returns. Clients who signed up for the service will get professional assistance from the experts so they can trade in any asset class. With the added guidance from the experienced traders, clients are guaranteed to get maximum profits each time they trade. Trading signals are sent out by the professional traders through Skype across 7 daily sessions. These signals involve Commodities, Stocks and Forex, so ARAM can help maximize the win rate for all their clients in those trading classes.

Free Monthly or Weekly Signals

While the binary signals are offered for free to clients who register and trade with ARAMBinaryOptions partner brokers, this does not lower the quality of the signal service in any way. Broadcasting about 25 trading signals a day, ARAMBinaryOptions has currently managed to distribute more than 50,000 signals overall. The best part about this is that the average win rate of the signals reach 78%, and the fact that over 10,000 clients have been subscribers to ARAMBinaryOptions services proves the authenticity of the win rate. Finally, to make sure that the binary signals are quickly delivered to clients, the signals are directly sent out to the trader’s Skype ID.

Introducing the “Trade Copier” service

ARAMBinaryOptions is known for providing trading signals as a main component of their product range, but the company’s focus is on asset management. It provides the “Trade Copier” service which has clients register an account and allows the company to trade on his or her behalf. Even if the client is asleep, the team at ARAMBinaryOptions will be busy making money for him or her. To add value to the service, clients get to choose between 3 risk profiles which are part of ARAMBinaryOptions account management services. Traders can have a low risk, medium risk or high risk profile depending on their needs.

This service makes ARAMBinaryOptions flexible since it is perfect for aspiring traders and those investors who are too busy to place their own trades. So if the client works 8 hours a day and his or her schedule does not fit any trading session, the experts at ARAMBinaryOptions can handle his or her investment.

Latest Promotions

3-Day Live Signals Trial

The company is presently running a promo where if a client pays $1, he or she will get the service for 3 days. If the overall win rate of his or her trades goes under 70%, the client gets the $1 back.

3-Day Trade Copier Trial

The client basically has to sign up with one of the brokers recommended by ARAMBinaryOptions, and he or she will receive an account loaded with $10,000. This account will be traded by the professional traders at ARAM for 3 days, and the client is free to login to the account at any time to monitor the progress of trading. The catch here is that all the profit garnered while in the trial period will stay in the client’s account if he or she invests at least $5,000 and allows ARAM to trade for them for an unlimited duration.

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