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This new provider of binary options signals is named after its founder, and we have gotten many requests to check this company out. JohnAnthonySignals makes use of a copy trader system, and the firm claims that this automated robot will amplify the client’s profits by presenting them with accurate and effective alerts about the direction that a specific commodity’s value will go.

JohnAnthonySignals scam

Who is John Anthony anyway?

To give a fair and honest review, we went straight to the source to find out about its enigmatic owner, John Anthony. The corporate site did not provide any promotional videos or any kind of information that could have been useful to anyone. Even after days of researching online, we did not find any information about him. No social media profiles, no job records. There is nothing to show clients and prove to them that this website is a legitimate business. That alone is a red flag, because a reputable company will have some information about the people behind it.

JohnAnthonySignals Trading Platform

Investors who have been in the business of trading via binary options know that a reliable binary options investment robot will produce at least an 80% win rate. When we tried out their service, we were provided with a dismal 72% win rate at an average of 17 signals a day (the automated system works 5 days a week based on the schedules of the stock exchange. This is not a good sign for clients, as they are in the business of earning through binary options, not losing in it. This will also affect the reputation of the legitimate providers in this field.

JohnAnthonySignals Loss

The only positive thing about JohnAnthonySignals is that they provide decent customer support via email, live chat, Facebook and Skype. Their support team often addresses and responds to client concerns well, and the website is user-friendly, so clients will find educational material for them to learn the basics behind binary options trading.

In closing, JohnAnthonySignals may offer some decent services, but the low win rate and the fact that the founders do not provide information about themselves in the website or anywhere online is a cause for suspicion in our book. There are better companies out there that provide transparency, reliability and care for their clients.

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