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A major issue that we are currently encountering with signal systems and automated trading robots is that the ratio of decent providers versus scams is around 1 to 12. Signals365 offers binary options signals, and they claim that their win rate is a maximum of 70%. An efficient automated trading system will collect financial data from global sources in real-time, and will utilize an algorithm of logic, evidence and facts to make calculated decisions during trading sessions. It is unfortunate that Signals365 is a scam company because it provides fraudulent information.

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How is Signals365 a scam?

The company claims that they release over 100 accurate and profitable binary options signals a day for just a small fee. And while this firm offers a free trial of their service, they lie in their promotions and supposed customer testimonials just to lure in the clients to invest. Signals365 claims that they have been featured in Yahoo Finance or Finance Magnates, but they have been using photos that have been illegally taken from random Internet users for their testimonials and reviews.

The easiest giveaway for this company to be a scam is that they claim to have been given an award from an entity known as Investoo. Signals365 does not know that Investoo has also been uncovered as a scam, most likely created by the same people behind this company.

Signals365’s Trading Platform

It is interesting to note that Investoo and Signals365 both provide binary options signals and affiliate programs. These companies that are paying their affiliates via the client’s investments are earning money from scam binary options brokers by referring investors to them. The only reason why these scams exist is to have clients deposit money in their scam brokers. The signals are just a red herring, since their purposes is to make money out of gullible clients in a different manner.

In conclusion, it is sad to see that binary options can be abused in many ways, so it hurts the reputation of those providers which are offering genuine services, and it also negatively affects the industry’s reputation in general. Investors are advised to steer clear of Signals365 at all costs, as there are reputable binary options companies out there which offer better overall service.

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